Sacred Line

Sacred Line is a free first person dark adventure/surreal thriller with story-driven explorative physics-based gameplay, black-white-red BD style and multistructural abstract non-cliche plot. It takes its place in a fully developed universe where your main enemy is a union of third-world countries which is trying to set totalitarian regime over the whole planet polluting and destroying everything around them. In this game you will face their leader which was summoned by the ancient sect, dealing with unknown sources of power and paranormal activity.
The game has two endings, normal and secret.

You are playing Ellen, a private detective, who is trying to survive in Eastern Europe. Lately detective business, which she inherited from her missing sister Sarah, almost ceased its existence and one day before she was going to close her office she got an anonymous call. The unknown asked her to find some hidden forest outpost and told her about its position. That was just the beginning.

Current version is 1.3b., which is only for PC. 1.2b available for all platforms and you can download fan-made Italian translation of 1.2c.

Japanese description / Italian version (1.2c) / 1.3b List of changes

        (chmod 755)

1.2b Gamejolt (rar)

"chmod 755" it in terminal if it
doesn't launch.
         Linux (32+64Bit):
         (chmod 755)

1.2b Dropbox (zip, fixed)

Set player's permission to
allow execution (either from a graphical file manager, or by chmod 755 myPlayer at the command line)
Watch gallery on IndieDB
Trailer for 1.0 Beta
Walkthrough from RedTechGaming (1.2b)

Walkthrough [Italian] (1.2b version)
Walkthrough from Sinuyan
(1.1c verson)
Walkthrough from FreePCGamers (1.1b version)
Sacred Line
2013 Sasha Darko. All rights reserved.

           Windows 32Bit

1.3b (Mega)
1.2b FreewareFiles
Operating system:  Windows XP, Vista, Seven (649 MB HDD)
                                    MacOSX (647 MB HDD)
                                    Linux (724 MB HDD)

Recommended: Intel i5 or AMD Athlon II / 4GB RAM / 1GB Shader3 Directx 9.0 compatible video card

Minimal: 2 GHz Dual Core, 2GB RAM, 512 MB Shader3 DirectX 9.0 compatible video card
The game supports only 16:9 monitors and minimal resolution 1280x720.
Almost every object in game is physically interactive. You can drag a lot things using Left Mouse Button, glasses and walls are breakable.
This game is recommended to thinking experienced mature audience, fans of surreal/complex/mysterious but explainable plots.

W, A, S, D - Move
Space - Jump
Left Shift - Sprint
Left Mouse Button - Drag Objects / Read Notes (press again to close)
Flashlight - On/Off
Tab - Close message
Escape - Game Menu / Skip Cut-scene
Three tracks from the soundtrack:
You can listen and buy (in FLAC) whole soundtrack here:
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